Preparing for PSLE

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Is your child preparing for an important exam? Expert Alan Yip points out some effective methods you can use to ensure your child gets a headstart and has a positive learning experience without compromising on performance.

Studying child preparing for PSLE

Anxious for you kid to do well in PSLE?

We all want our kids to do well in their studies, especially in the dreaded year of Primary 6 when they’re preparing for PSLE. Exam tips are perhaps the most sought-after advice this season, with “how to keep your children in good physical and mental health” a close second.

Child education expert Alan Yip says that all will be well if you plan ahead.

Start Early – Be Proactive
After the year-end exam in the current year, go let your child take a short break – he deserves it! But don’t wait too long until you hit the books again. It sounds kind of cruel but you’re taking advantage of his memory being fresh with the work he’s recently learnt. Use part of the holiday period to review materials covered over the year. Here your child can fill in the gaps as needed instead of wasting precious time catching up with his syllabus in the following year.

Establish Relevance
In a nurturing and non-judgmental manner, discuss with your child what her aspirations are in terms of which secondary school, junior college or university she wants to join. This will help to reinforce the importance and relevance of studying hard and getting good grades, so that she can achieve her goals.

Divide And Conquer
Discipline your child to take some time every day to review manageable chunks of material. Avoid being over-zealous in trying to cram too much information on a given day as this will add unnecessary stress and may result in setbacks. Build up the steady momentum over time for consistent results and more effective time-management.

Anticipate Ahead
During the holidays, your child should glance over past exam papers to familiarise himself with the format and types of questions asked so that he has a mental picture of what to expect and is very well-prepared for the style that will be used in questioning.

Plan, Plan, Plan…
Start preparing for the big exam at the beginning of the year. Devise a practical and realistic timetable to help your child get the most out of the time he has available.

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