What to Prepare for Your Newborn's First Month at Home

Take note, first time mummies! Here are 9 essentials you will need to prepare before bringing your precious baby home after giving birth...

Preparing for the arrival of your little one when you’re a new parent can be daunting at times. But as with all things that cause anxiety, preparedness is key. It no longer needs to be said that you have to stock up on diapers, baby bottles, and other newborn essentials. So let’s take a closer look at items new parents often overlook, but are also vital to your newborn’s first week at home and beyond.

1. Diaper genie

What to Prepare for Your Newborns First Month at Home

This allows you to dispose of soiled diapers easily and it masks the foul odour. It also saves time as you can place it near your baby’s changing area, saving you time and effort.

2. Humidifier and air purifier

No matter how much of neat freak you are, there will be particles in the air that might irritate your little one. Prevent allergies by placing a humidifier or air purifier in your room.

3. Bottle sanitiser

What to Prepare for Your Newborns First Month at Home

This not only saves you time, but it is also essential to your newborn’s health. Even if you’re a breastfeeding mum, there might be a time when you will need to pump and feed your little one using a bottle. Make sure you’re prepared!

4. Soft feeding towels

Breastfeeding mums will agree that having lots of soft towels can surely come in handy, as they can serve multiple purposes!

5. Safe baby cot

What to Prepare for Your Newborns First Month at Home

Make sure your baby’s cot is safe, with a tightly fitted sheet and no pillows or toys that could cause aspiration or choking.

6. Stroller

For newborns, it’s best to choose a stroller that fully reclines, as they can’t sit up just yet.

7. Changing mat, bathtub with adequate support

Bath time and diaper changing are one of the most frequent duties parents of newborns have to get used to. So having all the changing and bath time essentials will surely make adjusting to this new activity easier—for both you and baby!

8. Electronic thermometer

What to Prepare for Your Newborns First Month at Home

This device will help ease your anxiety, as babies are naturally warm, and new parents tend to worry they might have a fever. An electronic thermometer can actually gauge your baby’s temperature by simply coming into contact with their forehead. If you can’t find one, then an ear digital thermometer could work, too!

9. Breast pump

This will come in handy in the coming months, especially if you plan to go back to work once your maternity leave is up! It allows you to stock up on milk and using a pump helps stimulate milk production, preventing problems with low supply.


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