All you need to know about prenatal massage in Singapore

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Is prenatal massage in Singapore painful? Let's bust some myths about pregnancy massages...


When it comes to prenatal massage in Singapore, we are often inundated with queries from our readers. Women are now spoilt for choice, with many freelance masseurs now offering door-to-door services. But are all these massage services reliable? What are the precautions one needs to take? We decided to ask Nouri Face & Body Concepts, a 15-year-long pioneer in the beauty and pregnancy massage industry, to see if we got any answers.

Why choose a professional massage centre for your prenatal massage in Singapore?

Valerie De Costa, founder of Nouri Face & Body Concepts, tells us that certified therapists are more informed to assess the mummy’s condition and decide what the appropriate massage would be for her. Most freelancers just want to make some quick money and, “will not take the effort to educate mummies.”


Says Valerie, “When we meet clients during pregnancy, we are able to advise them on diet and tips on detoxifying treatments, so that you don’t have all these backlogs eating into your postnatal period. Most of our clients who take the pregnancy package have far less problems during confinement, because the toxins, water retention and stress has been removed. They actually look forward to the delivery.”

Personalised advice

We learn that a certified therapist from a professional centre takes notes of your progress and any irregularities. She can make recommendations based on what stage of pregnancy you are in.

Valerie tells us about the personalised advice she gives mummies, “We advise them constantly. For example, remember now you are in week 34, you must take coconut water. You need to do simple exercises.”

“When we handle clients during pregnancy, I meet them personally. I assure them they can reach me if they have any queries about their diet. If they have health concerns like gestational diabetes, I can tweak the treatment and advise them on food that they can cut off during pregnancy. We also advise them when we feel they are putting on too much weight .”

It is also important to base your expectations on your culture and genes. Valerie says, “Chinese clientele, have different structural problems than Indian and Malay women. From pregnancy, we preempt them on what they are likely to expect, so we customise our packages according to race and body type too.”

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