Pregnant and so bored? Here are fun things you can do!

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Getting bored while waiting to deliver? Here are some pre-baby things to do before giving birth!

Getting bored while waiting to deliver? Here are 16 pre-baby things to do before giving birth that will help you banish your pregnancy boredom!

1) Catch up on movies, TV series or books you have been meaning to read

2) Prepare and freeze meals

3) Pack your bags for the hospital

4) Write out your birth plan

5) Make your mailing list for birth announcements

6) Fit your babies car seat properly

7) Write a love letter to your baby

8.) Spend a day taking out pictures of your pregnant belly

9) Plan out a romantic evening with your spouse

10) Share your pregnancy journey with other mums

11) Go for a nice stroll at the botanical gardens

12) Treat yourself to a prenatal massage

13) Indulge in home beauty treatments

14) Go shopping for baby clothes

15) Do up your baby room

16) Take up pregnancy yoga

Do you have any more tried and tested tricks for bored mummies-to-be? Share them with us below!

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