Pregnant women feel pressured to look good because of social media

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Facebook isn’t reality; it’s made up of usually carefully constructed highlights of people’s lives, images that are carefully selected and posted.

Many pregnant mothers have no problem flaunting their swollen bodies on social media.

They do it for different reasons.

Some do it because they want to document their pregnancy journey. Some do it because they want to update family and friends about their pregnancy. Some do it because they are proud of what they have achieved.

Posting such images also helps pregnant women reach out to similar women all over the world, and in a process establishes among themselves a support group.

According to Amy Brown from Swansea University, however, the effect of social media hurts other moms in that it pressures them into looking pregnant.

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In fact, increased depression, anxiety and poor life satisfaction have been linked with high levels of Facebook use.

“It’s very easy to see why this is the case: Facebook isn’t reality; it’s made up of usually carefully constructed highlights of people’s lives,” she says in a Mama Mia story.“Posts are all about the latest parties, purchases and happy relationships, and less about sitting home alone on a Friday night in your pyjamas.

“Even if deep down we realise Facebook is a false presentation of the world our peers live in, the risk of making negative self-comparisons is still high.”

This is highlighted in the way with which photos of beautiful photos of pregnant women—celebrities and models particularly—are often praised and put onto a pedestal for looking great even with child.

This in turn causes other pregnant women to compare themselves to such different standards.

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