Pregnant mum sees dead grandmother's face in ultrasound

Pregnant mum sees dead grandmother's face in ultrasound

A slightly spooky ultrasound...

Emily Beckett is an Irish mum-to-be who recently went for a routine ultrasound scan. But nothing prepared her for who she saw in the scan, other than her baby 

A nurse first pointed out an odd face-like shape at the top right corner of the ultrasound picture. Emily told the Liverpool Echo, “it was a complete shock, when the nurse said she could see another face I just presumed she was talking about the baby.”

But no, she hadn’t been suddenly told she was carrying twins. The nurse was referring to a formation of shadow and light that, if you squint and turn your head slightly, looks remarkably like a human face!

pregnant mum sees dead grandmothers face in ultrasound

Can you spot nan’s face?

Emily was convinced the ‘face’ was that of her late grandmother Elizabeth Jean Booth, who died in 2014 from cancer. 

She said, “my nan was like a parent to myself and my sister Gemma so I’m not surprised she has decided to make an appearance – she wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on my pregnancy.

“She was always talking about her grandchildren and great grandchildren so it’s nice for us to know she can be part of this with us, it is a gift really.”

Emily and her sister Gemma showed the picture to a psychic medium who is convinced that the ‘face’ does belong to their dead grandmother. 

The pregnant mum, however, is not spooked out. She is in fact hoping grandma will show her face again at the next ultrasound in November. 

See you soon, nan…

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Have you ever had a supernatural experience like this? Share with us if you have. 


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