Tragedy as pregnant mum dies in Singapore accident, baby survives

Tragedy as pregnant mum dies in Singapore accident, baby survives

A pregnant mum dies in Singapore, after being hit in an accident. Read more about this tragedy that happened on May 13...

She had just had her Saturday morning breakfast, and was crossing the road holding her mother-in-law’s hand, when tragedy struck. She was 6 months pregnant.

Pregnant mum dies in Singapore accident

According to The Straits Times, on 13 May, Goh Chieh Ting, 25, suffered severe head injuries after being hit by a lorry near Block 456, Jurong West Avenue 1. She was rushed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital; but didn’t survive. Miraculously though, doctors managed to perform an emergency C-section, and save the little baby girl.

It is believed that the lorry was exiting the carpark and turning right, when it hit Ms. Goh, and knocked her down.

An eye-witness later told The Straits Times, “The woman who was hit was lying on the legs of the other woman, and the right side of her body was full of blood.”

The lorry driver has since then, been arrested by police for causing death by negligence.

It seems Ms Goh was from Johor, but had lived in Singapore for at least 5 to 6 years, and married her husband late last year. She lived with her in-laws here, and her mother-in-law, who doted on her, is said to be deeply saddened by the incident.

Tragedy as pregnant mum dies in Singapore accident, baby survives


Her grandaunt Madam Yau Siew Mek apparently told The Straits Times, “She’s (mother-in-law) been crying non-stop since the incident.”

Her uncle, James Liaw, has been quoted as saying, “She was always very friendly, approachable, and bubbly. Things are not going to be the same without her around.”

Our prayers go out to this mum, who died on the eve of Mother’s Day, without getting a glimpse of her baby. We also extend our condolences to her family, and hope they gain strength to deal with their loss.

Premature baby in stable condition

Thankfully, the premature baby girl is healthy, and her condition is stable for now. Madam Yau has been quoted as saying, “The baby is healthy, and large for her age. Family members have been to see the baby, and have told her to be strong. The baby is still in hospital and under observation, but we are not sure when she will be out or who will care for her.” 

Ms. Goh’s cousin told The Straits Times, “We are thankful for the doctors at Ng Teng Fong Hospital for making the quick decision to save the baby.” 

Here’s hoping and praying that this little baby continues to be a brave fighter, and stays healthy.

The baby was saved by a peri-mortem caesarean delivery (PMCD). According to this report, several factors are considered before performing a PMCD:

  • Estimated gestational age (EGA) of the foetus: Under ideal circumstances, that is, with the availability of skilled personnel and in a controlled setting, foetuses of about 24 weeks can survive.

Dr Christopher Chong, obstetrician, gynaecologist and urogynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital has been quoted by The Straits Times as saying, “Usually, babies that weigh at least 700g, with healthy organs, will be able to survive.”

  • Time between maternal cardiac arrest and delivery: Though, foetuses have been reported to have survived up to 30 minutes after maternal death, the best outcome to prevent infant brain damage appears to occur if the infant is delivered within 5 minutes of maternal cardiac arrest

In Dr. Chong’s words, “Medical professionals will try to get the baby out as soon as possible.” 

The key to the baby’s survival would be the supply of oxygen – which is cut off when the mother dies. So the infant is taken to a neo-natal intensive care unit, where a supply of oxygen and nutrition is provided.

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(Source: The Straits Times, The New Paper)

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