Pregnant jaywalker dies; baby lives through C-section

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A pregnant jaywalker died but her baby lived through C-section. Read Diann Ford's story and how pregnant mums should take greater road precaution.

When mum-to-be Diann Ford left her workplace on last Wednesday, little did she know that her life would be ending that night.

The 22-year-old who was 37-weeks pregnant with her first, and only baby, told co-workers earlier that day that she is excited for the baby and her future as a mum. Unfortunately her dreams were left unrealized as Diann was struck down by an unknown vehicle as she was crossing the southbound Interstate 35 access road near East Hopkins Street.

The expectant mother was left to die in the middle of the road by the driver who fled from the scene of the crime. The native Texan was found by a passing motorist and was still conscious when paramedics arrived on the scene.

She was immediately rushed to Austin hospital where she slipped into a coma. Fearing for the baby, doctors performed a C-section on her -- that night. Diann died the very next morning -- survived by the baby whom she has never met or named.

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Diann’s boss, Kris Jaccard told reporters that the excited expectant mother knew she was having a baby girl and even had a name all picked out.

“She had picked out a name,” Jaccard said. “She knew she was having a girl.”

But Diann preferred to keep the name as a secret as to surprise all her loved ones later on. That is another dream that will never be realized.

Local authorities are still searching for the suspect at the time of this story’s publishing. The penalty for a vehicular assault in the state of Texas is five years minimum to 25 years or life.


According to police reports, Diann was jaywalking when there was an actual designated pedestrian crossing provided just a little up ahead. To top it all off, she was also wearing dark coloured clothing during the time of the accident.

Though we agree that the driver was at fault for fleeing the scene, the expectant mother was also at fault for not using the designated pedestrian crossing while crossing the road. She made the choice that ultimately cost her...her life.

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No sympathy

We are not denying that it is sad what had happened to Diann – however we are also not denying that the incident, sad as it was, was completely avoidable.

We understand that she was 37-weeks pregnant and was most probably tired and just wanted to go home. That was most probably the reason why she chose to cross the road without using the designated pedestrian crossing.

But she paid an incredibly hefty price for her choice in not using the pedestrian crossing. Designated pedestrians crossings are provided for the benefits of pedestrians as well as for other road users.

Do keep in mind that the next time you chose to pass up on the pedestrian crossing and jaywalk instead; you are not only endangering yourself but also your kids (if you have them along with you) and also other road users.

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