Which hospital to give birth in Singapore (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Congratulations on your pregnancy! To help you on this new and exciting journey, we have created a guide on navigating the numerous hospital choices in Singapore to deliver in.

When you find out you are pregnant, one of the biggest decisions you will grapple with is where to give birth? You will find yourself wondering if you should go private or restructured (public sector hospital)?  How much does the whole thing cost? Which are the most popular hospitals for maternity and what makes them different.

To help your decision making process, we have created an infographic and detailed post reviewing each maternity hospital in Singapore. Page 4 of this article has a table which summarizes our findings.

Good luck with your decision and do share your personal reviews of your hospital in the comment box below.

Where To Give Birth In Singapore (infographic)

Private or Public hospital?

In general, healthcare in Singapore, whether private or public sector hospitals is reliable, safe and typically high quality. We have the lowest infant mortality rate in the world and second lowest maternal mortality rate.

Benefits of public sector hospital:

One of the biggest benefits of having a baby in a public hospital is that the medical care and attention is available at a much lower price than that on offer in private hospitals, especially if you are a Singaporean citizen.

Another benefit is the fact that you are right where you need to be incase something goes wrong. Some of the smaller private hospitals in Singapore are not equipped to deal with complicated deliveries and birth problems.

Why not go public sector?

On the flip side, however, wait times may be longer, visiting hours are stricter and the pampering facilities on offer for mum and baby may not be as comfortable as those available in private hospitals.

Also, if insurance is covering your medical, then price considerations matter less, so you might opt to go for a private hospital.

Whichever route you decide to go, here’s the lowdown on the delivery hospitals in Singapore.

Public sector hospitals

There are 3 public sector hospitals which offer maternity services in Singapore. We have not ranked the hospitals as there is no one right metric that you can use to judge how good a hospital is for you. However, when choosing between the hospitals, do consider the following factors.

1. Price of delivery. In our analysis, we looked at both the 50th percentile bill size and 90th percentile bill size of a natural delivery in an A ward. 50th percentile bill size means 50% of patients paid this amount or less, and 50% paid more. 90th percentile bill size means 90% of patients paid this amount or less, and 10% paid more. This figure provides an estimate of the upper range of bill sizes.

2. Number of deliveries done in the last year.

3. Number of C-section deliveries. The World Health Organization recommends that the C-section rate should not be higher than 10% to 15%. However, do keep in mind that the “need for caesarean section at each hospital can vary dramatically depending of the type of population served by the hospital. For example, larger hospitals tend to receive referrals of most complicated pregnancies or deliveries which in turn, may need more caesarean sections.”

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