My Pregnancy Journal – Skincare Nightmares

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Although the basics of pregnancy is the same for all, everyone has a different pregnancy journey. Some are lucky to have an eventless pregnancy while others suffer terrible morning sickness, gestational diabetes, premature labour or in my case horrible skin problems like pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

Here’s my pregnancy journey, highlighting the good, the bad and the worst moments.

Week 3: The Discovery

My husband longed to be a father and when I finally agreed, we had to seek help from a fertility doctor after trying for over one year. Hence when I discovered I was pregnant, I had to create a memorable announcement. I surprised my husband with a card saying “Welcome to Fatherhood”, the positive pregnancy test kit and a baby romper “My Daddy is Awesome”. His reaction was priceless; and I’m glad that I went through the trouble of surprising him.

Much thought went into the pregnancy and gender announcement for our parents and grandparents. The joyful reactions, tears of joy and words of encouragement, made the effort worthwhile. After all, this has been a long anticipated 1st grandchild for both families. Definitely, I do encourage people to create a special and memorable announcement for their loved ones.

Week 10: Down Syndrome Test

collage of negative test result and it’s a boy

What would we do if our child has Down Syndrome? Are we capable of caring and providing for such a child? Even though we had no family history of the condition, these were some questions that we asked ourselves. To ease our minds, we eventually opted to pay more to take the Harmony prenatal blood screening test which is above 99%.

Thankfully, the results showed that our child has a less than 0.1% chance of down syndrome and that it was a boy. This helped ticked off of two of concerns, one being Down Syndrome and the other a Chinese tradition of having a boy.

My skin problems began at Week 13. Read about it on the next page.

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