Constipation in pregnancy

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Constipation in pregnancy can start right from conception and then continue throughout it. Passing the dry, hard stool can be really cumbersome, especially when you are pregnant.

800px Toiletpapier Gobran111 e1342432519579 Constipation in pregnancyDuring pregnancy, when you try to force the stool out, it creates stress in the abdominal area and can result in trauma to the sciatic nerve or the spine. Therefore, if you are trying to force the stool out, chances are that you will end up injuring yourself.

Constipation occurs in pregnancy because of the hormonal changes. The myriad of changes occurring in the body makes the body sluggish by relaxing a lot of muscles in your body (which is great for labour, but definitely not great for dealing with the curry dinner you had last night). Initially, the increased progesterone hormone causes constipation during pregnancy. However, in the later stages, the excessive pressure on the intestines can cause constipation.

To avoid constipation in pregnancy, it’s best if you take good care of your diet and consume a lot of food with roughage/fibre such as fresh fruits and brown rice. You should also up your intake of water (more than the recommended intake of 8 glasses a day).

You should also ask your Doctor to give you a prenatal vitamin with a lower does of iron as iron makes constipation worse.