Healthy lifestyle is an attitude — 3 Ways how this app will help you maintain that attitude

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Up-to-date information is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your family. HealthHub helps you with that and so much more.

According to Harvard Medical School, your attitude towards life affects your health and that of your family. If you are positive about your life (have a positive attitude for a healthy life), your health benefits from it and this in turn positively affects your loved ones’ health and wellbeing. But if your outlook is negative, then your health and that of your family may be harmed in many ways. For example, constantly resorting to buying fast food meals for your family will have negative repercussions on everyone’s health eventually.

Our hectic lives as parents and professionals are partly to blame for some of these unhealthy choices we are compelled to make. With our busy lifestyles, how is it possible to keep track of every single health check your child would need or has had in the past? And given the option between a five-minute wait to grab some fast food or 20 minutes standing in a queue to get something healthier, a tired parent’s choice is clear.

In the midst of all this busyness, how is it possible to remind ourselves to look after the ones we love? Not to mention,we must care for ourselves, too, so that we can see our children grow and thrive.

Wouldn’t you like to take control of your family’s health and treasure your children’s every milestone?

Here we introduce a one-stop mobile app — HealthHub — developed by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, to help you and your loved ones adopt and maintain a healthy attitude towards life.

This app is not just about you, but it’s for your child, too. For example, if you are a new mum, you can easily track and record your child’s developmental milestones, bringing you peace of mind. In fact, the app is so user-friendly that even a child can use it!


Here are three ways HealthHub will help you and your family stay healthy

1. Track and manage your child’s milestones

positive attitude for a healthy life

With HealthHub, you can track your children’s milestones in one place. Once the data is entered into the app, it gets saved. You can’t misplace the data. Even if you lose your phone, the data will still be there. You can log back in from any device in the future, and find all the data intact!

Now, compare this with how we track our kids’ development now, by meticulously maintaining health booklets for each of our children. If you have more than one child, keeping track of the booklets takes effort. There is always that danger of misplacing them! What if your pet chews it up, or if the booklets get soaked in water? HealthHub makes managing the booklets and recording the data effortless: now you can track ALL your children’s milestones in one place without the fear of ever losing it.

2. Record all your children's medical histories

positive attitude for a healthy life

Do you remember the exact date when your child fell down and needed stitches? What about when they were vaccinated for Hepatitis? And that lab report for the time your child needed a blood test – what did it say?

As time passes, we tend to forget what happened in the past, especially things like medical histories for ourselves and our children. The only way we can make sure these records are preserved is by keeping notes or maintaining medical records.

But as they say, to err is human, and so, things get misplaced and details get forgotten as we move on in life.

HealthHub offers us a one-stop solution to handle this problem: it records and “remembers” everything for you. It makes things more convenient when you bring your child for the doctors or medical institutions to treat your child for medical issues. This saves time. In emergencies, it can help save your child’s life, too.

3. Eat and live healthy

positive attitude for a healthy life

Sleeping well, being physically active and eating healthy are all key parts of a healthy lifestyle.

HealthHub can help you and your loved ones tick all the boxes that are essential to staying healthy as a family.

For example, this family health app can help you keep tabs on your calorie intake. There’s a food journal within the app to track calories. Also, it has a map to show you where all the healthy eateries are around you. But this isn’t all.

The HealthHub app also gives you access to FREE fitness programmes: it tells you when and where health-related events are happening. So, if you want to get back into shape after your pregnancy, this app will help you find free yoga, piloxing, zumba, cardio, kickboxing, and even K-pop dance classes and more!

So, mums and dads, with HealthHub, you can empower yourselves to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle and ensure that every single member of your family stays their healthy best!

Download the HealthHub app today for a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. It is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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