20 Of the most popular unisex baby names of 2016

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Make selecting the perfect baby name less divisive and exclusive! Check out these amazing unisex names for your son or daughter!

Naming a baby is always a tough task for parents to accomplish. Parents will especially find difficult in the process of conjuring up a good name for their children if they’re forced to come up with a vast selection of names for baby boys and baby girls.

Well, parents, have you ever considered naming your soon-to-be son or daughter a name that works for either sex? A unisex name can be the perfect option for parents who aren’t interested in finding out the gender of their baby, or for those who don’t want to cause a big stir in finding names for both boys and girls!

The Laughing Mommy posted a resourceful article about the best unisex names of 2016, and we enjoyed the entries so much we knew we had to relay it to our readers! Expecting parents, if you’re on the fence about what to name your child, we hope this awesome list of unisex baby names can help:

1. Emerson

Meaning = “Son of Emery”
Origin = German


2. Kennedy

Meaning = “Helmeted Chief”
Origin = Gaelic

unisex 3

3. Sawyer

Meaning = “Saws wood”
Origin = English


4. Gray

Meaning = “Old”
Origin = Greek


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