Poll results: C-section or natural delivery?

Poll results: C-section or natural delivery?

We recently conducted a poll to find out if mothers out there prefer a natural delivery or C-section. The results are out!

C-section or natural birth

Which delivery method do you prefer?

TheAsianparent.com conducted a survey recently to find out which delivery method mothers prefer in general. The poll results are clear, 79% of mothers prefer natural delivery over 21% who opted for C-section.

However, some mothers have to deliver via C-section due to unforeseen circumstances or medical reasons. As this may not be the ideal, find out how you can still provide C-section babies with that necessary extra protection against infections and allergy.

C-section babies need extra protection against infections and allergy

While C-sections are necessary due to medical reasons, the latest research shows that children born by C-section do not get the probiotics or protective bacteria like babies born naturally and are more prone to infections and allergy. C-sections babies may miss out on these probiotics such as BL® Bifidus and it can take up to six months longer for them to establish the same probiotic levels as other babies.

Nature provides the best solution

Breastfeeding is best for all babies, but for those delivered by C-section, it is even more beneficial. Breast milk contains probiotics, as well as all the nutrients a baby needs for healthy growth and development.

What comes next?

After exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months or longer, older babies may benefit from a follow-on formula that contains probiotics. Not all probiotics strain are the same, you should look for follow-on formulas that contain clinically proven probiotics such as BL® Bifidus.

That way, you’ll know your baby has all the protection he needs.


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