3 ways dads could play with their kids – without using an iPad! 

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Playing with dad can be more than just hanging out with the iPad. Here are three ways dads and kids can bond without the ubiquitous gadget.

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Sometimes, it might be tricky for dads to come up with exciting and engaging ways to connect with their child. Here are some tips daddies can take note of when planning that special day with the little one!

1. The Clichéd One: Take Them To A Park

It might be the most common Dad idea in the world and with kids these days preferring video games to a day in the sun, a long shot at success. Nevertheless, going to your local park with your child could end up being tons of fun.

father1Play a game of football with your child and you’ll finally be able to score a goal in reality. Seeing his father do things he’s only seen in his FIFA games will instantly get you to idol status for your son and a memory he’ll never forget.

Just make sure you don’t invite someone who can actually kick a ball otherwise, instead of comparing you to Ronaldo it’ll be your child’s first memory of the infamous public embarrassment by their parents.

Taking them to the playground in the park is also an excellent idea, bonding over the swings and slides is an activity that your son or daughter will be forever indebted to you for and would love to do even through their adolescence years (this writer included). Plus, you can finally let your inner child loose and slide away all your stress with a day at the playground.

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