Play-Doh is the perfect playducation toy to inspire your kids to be creative

Give your kids the ability to express themselves through their creativity and imagination with Play-Doh.

It’s hard to believe that Play-Doh has been around for over six decades! It just goes to show that even as technology evolves to make kids entertainment more high-tech, kids are still thrilled to squish, stretch out and build imaginative things with Play-Doh.

We tested the latest from Play-Doh, their Sizzling Stovetop Kitchen Creation set, to see how it inspires creativity in both children and adults.

We quickly saw that even while the mums and dads encouraged their little ones to get creative, they themselves felt limited to making things that resembled real food items. The kids, on the other hand, got imaginative and made some adorable creations!

An awesome playducation toy

Children love Play-Doh because they can get it everywhere without getting in trouble and it gives them the freedom to be creative and make anything that their little imaginations can think of.

Play-Doh is the perfect playducation toy because kids don’t even realize that while they are having a ball playing with it, it’s helping them in numerous ways. Besides helping to develop your child’s motor skills Play-Doh inspires kids to get creative.

The benefits of being creative

One of the big reasons that Play-Doh inspires kids to be creative is that there is no risk of making a mistake. Have you ever seen a child who is drawing get frustrated with how their picture is turning out and ask for another piece of paper, only to start again? With Play-Doh, that is never an issue because they can remove just one or two pieces if they want to.

This kind of unchecked creativity is hugely important for children. One of the major benefits of being creative is that it fosters problem-solving skills in children. By thinking about a problem in different ways, they are able to find more solutions.

Young children who are imaginative problem-solvers and creative thinkers now are more likely to become leaders in the future because they have always been given the independence to create their own boundaries.

Developmental benefits of Play-Doh

It’s not just the benefits that stem from encouraging kids to be creative, Play-Doh gives kids a lot of other great skills as well!

Some kids find Play-Doh very helpful for the calming feeling they get from things like making a perfect sphere out of the compound and then squishing it. Think the adult version of a stress ball!

Carefully shaping each of the pieces and then fitting them together to make different creations helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination.

Playing with Play-Doh is a great activity for free play or independent play away from a smartphone or tablet. This style of play helps kids develop their sense of independence and imagination because they have to find ways to amuse themselves using their imagination.