Where are the best places to pierce your baby's ears in Singapore?

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So you've made the decision to go ahead and get your baby's ears pierced. We tell you about the safest, most sterile and the most pain-free options right here in Singapore. Read on to find out what your options are...

As Asians, getting our daughters’ ears pierced is, for many, a must.

Back in the days, babies’ ears would be pierced using not so hygienic and painful methods, such as with a needle (whether it was sterilised or not – who knew?!).

These days, getting a child’s ears pierced is virtually pain-free. But it’s still really important to choose a reputed place that sticks to strict hygiene practices.

The last thing you want is an infection to set in your baby’s delicate ear lobes.

So if you’ve made the decision to go ahead and get your baby’s ears pierced, then the next big question is where to get it done.

Well, we are here to help you choose a place and have saved you the trouble by rounding up the best places to pierce your baby’s ears in Singapore.

Choosing a reliable and reputable place to pierce your little angel’s ears is of utmost importance. You can start off by inquiring if your baby’s pediatrician provides this service.

If they do, we advice you to get it done with them. The service at the doctor’s office is sure to be the best as baby’s doctor will follow up on aftercare as well.

Find out where the best places to pierce your baby’s ears in Singapore are on the next page…

Where are the best places to pierce your baby’s ears in Singapore?

If your baby’s pediatrician’s office doesn’t provide this service, go with a place recommended first-hand by a friend. They will be able to tell you all about their experience and you can ask them any questions you might have.

pierce baby's ears in Singapore

Most mums recommend B’dazzle. Photo credit

To help you further, we list a few places reputed for piercing babies’ and children’s ears.

1. B’dazzled – This is the top choice among mums, including some of my own friends. They are known for safe, sterile and painless ear piercing. They also state that they use a disposable cartridge ear piercing system that prevents the spread of communicable disease. You can choose one of these shop locations to suit your need.

2. Stege gallery – Stege boasts ‘the best materials and widest selection of ear piercing jewelry one can find’ and the safest aftercare products. They specialize in kids’ and babies’ ear piercings. But do make an appointment in advance.

3. Raffles Medical – Though more on the expensive side, Raffles Medical also provides clean and sterile ear piercings. You can check on clinic locations here.

4. Kids clinic at Bishan – You can read about what one very satisfied mom writes about her daughter Dana’s experience at this clinic on her blog.

pierce baby's ears in singapore

Little Dana’s ears being pierced at kids [email protected] Photo credit

You can check the below ‘related’ link for more locations around Singapore where you can get your child’s ears pierced.

Where did you get your little one’s ears pierced? Is there a place you would like to recommend to other mums? Please do leave us a comment below.

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