Study: Eating Peanuts While Breastfeeding Could Help Prevent Allergies in Your Child

Study: Eating Peanuts While Breastfeeding Could Help Prevent Allergies in Your Child

Food allergies are common among kids. A new study finds that mums who eat allergenic foods while breastfeeding may be able to help prevent the allergy from developing!

Peanut allergy in kids can be very stressful for parents to manage, and in the case of severe allergic reactions such as this oneeven put the child’s life in danger. 

Now, there’s good news for mums of little ones who are concerned about this allergy developing later in life. 

Peanut allergy in kids: A new study

A new study conducted by CMAJ, a Canadian medical journal, reveals that mums who eat peanuts while breastfeeding could prevent peanut allergy in kids from developing later in life. 

Childhood allergies are actually incredibly common. So, the study suggests that kids who are introduced to allergens early, are better able to build a tolerance to the allergen. Thus, the small amount of allergen contained in breast milk could be just the right dose. 

The study showed the results of the diets of 545 children over a seven-year period, collecting data on maternal and infant consumption of peanuts.

It was found that when the kids were tested at age seven, children whose mums ate peanuts while breastfeeding had the lowest incidence of peanut allergies. These children also were introduced to peanuts in their own diet before 12 months of age.

Also, the incidence of peanut allergy rose significantly in kids whose mums didn’t eat peanuts while breastfeeding, or who weren’t exposed to peanuts before 12 months old.

Peanut allergy in kids

Peanut allergy in kids: Mums who eat peanuts while breastfeeding could help lower the chance of their children developing the allergy.

Paediatrician and certified lactation counsellor, Sylvia Romm further solidifies the findings of the studies by saying that overall, the trend is to introduce babies to allergens early on.

“The cause of food allergies is still poorly understood, however evidence is trending towards early lifetime exposure to potential allergens as protective against future allergies,” she explains.

Dr. Romm adds that allergens should be introduced to babies when they start solid food.

Of course, before you go and try this at home, you should always consult with your doctors as it is always good to be safe rather than sorry. But, mummies, the good news is that breastmilk has yet another added benefit for our babies!

So don’t be afraid to eat peanuts while breastfeeding, in fact, maybe you can indulge in just another spoonful of that peanut butter next time and satisfy your preggie craving!



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