Find out who your baby daddy is - do a paternity test!

If you’re having doubts about who the father of your baby may be, you should get a DNA test done. A paternity test will conclusively tell you who your baby's father is.

paternity test

Your child has a right to know who his father is — do a paternity test to find out!

Whether for financial support or emotional reasons, or even just to have some sense of closure, a paternity test will help you answer some of the bigger questions that effect your life and that of your child.

How is a paternity test done in Singapore?

In a standard paternity test, a small blood sample, via a finger prick, is obtained from the child, mother and probable father. Under special circumstances, a paternity test can be performed without the mother’s blood sample, if not so required. DNA is then extracted from the blood samples.

Every individual receives half of their DNA from their biological father and the other half from their biological mother. If the DNA profiles between the probable father and the child do not match, he is 100% excluded as being the biological father of the child.

If the paternity test profiles match, a 99.99% or greater probability of paternity can be concluded (in the absence of mutations).

paternity test

A paternity test is done using blood samples from dad and baby

For special cases involving foetuses, amniotic fluid or chorionic villus samples (from the foetus) and parents blood samples can be collected by your gynecologist who will then send the samples to the DNA testing laboratory.

How long does it take?

DNA testing takes between 21 to 28 working days and costs between $300-1400 Singapore dollars (depending on the complexity) without GST.

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Knowing for sure who your baby daddy is, is never a bad thing!