Passing the PSLE exams with flying colours!

A Singapore student shares with us how he learnt to enjoy and understand subjects for mid year exam skills with the help of PSLE seminars


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Read more to find out how one boy passed her exams with the help of PSLE seminars!

I was guilty of playing a computer game called “League of Legends” on weekends, even though my PSLE was right around the corner. I was so addicted to the game that I started to get bad results in school, and I even failed in both Maths and Chinese.

One day in June, my mum asked me if I would like to attend a seminar during one of the weekends, which would help me improve my grades in my failing subjects. I was a little apprehensive about the idea at first, but after my mum persuaded me, I attended the PSLE seminar.

During the seminar, I was amazed that I made so many new friends. There was also a trainer who inspired me and rejuvenated my passion for education. But, I also realized that I had very short time left to prepare for my PSLE. I began to think to myself that even though I have very little time left to study, at least I still have some time — instead of no time at all. So I decided to put in all my effort towards studying for my PSLE.

I disagree with all those teachers, who say that it can be too late to study for an exam. Take me for example, I took the remaining 3 months to study very hard for my PSLE, and managed to bump my C & D grades upto A’s. If I can do it, anyone can do it too!

After the PSLE, I feel relieved and have no more stress. Everyone can do well, so long as you believe in yourself.

Darren Lim (Participant of PSLE Seminar 2012)

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