13 parents we all love to hate

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When you become a parent your social circle automatically expands to include other parents with kids as well - but that doesn't mean that all parents are the same. Some of them can really get under your skin, so we've put together a list of parents we all love to hate (all in the name of fun, of course!).

Parenting is not an easy job and we all have different parenting techniques and may subscribe to different schools of thought.

It’s not unusual if you don’t see eye to eye with other parents’ ways of doing things and you know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but there are some parents out there we can’t help but just love to hate!

1. Complain Queen

parents we all love to hate, complain, whine, cry

This mum grumbled throughout the whole nine months of her pregnancy, she whined about the delivery, she laments about how her baby cries/ feeds/ sleeps/ poops too much, she bellyaches about parenthood, and she gripes about why the sky is blue.

Downside: It is exhausting to be around her because she is so negative all the time and doesn’t seem to be able to see the bright side of things or be grateful for what she is blessed with in her life.

Upside: At least she’ll do you a favour by letting you know which baby products to avoid like the plague or which eating establishments are not family-friendly when she complains about them to you.


2. Mummy Chain-smoker

parents we all love to hate, smoking

She was a heavy smoker before she got pregnant and frankly you’re not 100% certain whether she stopped during her pregnancy (for the sake of her baby’s health, we sure hope she did!), but you can always spot her pushing the baby stroller with one hand while holding a lit cigarette in the other.

Downside: She’s always stopping for smoke breaks while you’re out on playdates together and even though she tries to blow her smoke in the other direction away from your kids, you still somehow ending up smelling like an ashtray when you get home.

Upside: In comparison, she makes you feel a lot less guilty about your chocolate addiction.


3. Mrs Show-off

parents we all love to hate, I don't care, show off, bragging

You get it, her child scored top in his class, he won first place in his school’s swimming competition, and the other day he helped an old lady cross the road – he’s apparently the best child in Singapore, JB and some say Batam – and she’s not shy about letting you know this. Every chance she gets.

Downside: Her not so humble bragging makes you want to roll your eyes to the back of your head, especially since she fails to announce to the world about how junior likes to pick his nose with gusto when out in public and then either eats them or smears them on mummy’s sleeve when she’s not looking.

Upside: You know that parenting is not a competition and you couldn’t care less if your child is not the top student in his school, all you want is for him to be happy, healthy and just enjoy his childhood.


4. Gossip Momger

parents we all love to hate, gossip, chat, rumours

There’s no need to read trashy magazines or go online for all the latest news, because this nosy mum will eagerly fill you in on the current happenings and people’s affairs each time you meet up with her for coffee, or she’ll even text you out of the blue just to let you know who so and so is dating, or that so and so has gained 10kg.

Downside: You didn’t even ask her for all these nuggets of information and frankly you didn’t even want to know who’s getting divorced, or whose child scored poorly in the last exam – you just want to mind your own business.

Upside: Admit it, sometimes you are a bit curious about what’s happening with so and so, especially after that confusing cryptic Facebook status they posted recently, and you know you can always turn to your trusted Gossip Momger to fill you in on the details.


5. Mama Prada

parents we all love to hate, branded, designer, model, beauty

She’s always decked from head to toe in Chanel, Prada, Gucci, LV and other designer threads, even when she’s out on a playdate at an indoor kiddy gym, or picking up some groceries at the supermarket – her nails are always beautifully manicured, her makeup is always photo-ready and her teeth are so darn white!

Downside: She sneers at your oversized (no brand) diaper bag, your baggy t-shirt, messy hairdo and naked nails – and just generally makes you feel like a sloppy sack of potatoes.

Upside: Instead of spending around $2000 on yet another designer handbag that will probably be filled with broken crayons, cookie crumbs and wet wipes anyway, you used that money to bring your whole family on a fun-filled vacation which they all enjoyed and will remember for the rest of their lives.


6. Invisible Woman

parents we all love to hate, invisible, disapppearing

This mum likes to pull the disappearing act on you when you’re out on a playdate or lunch date together – either she has to take a “really important” phone call and asks you to help keep an eye on her kid as she steps outside of the kiddy play gym for a good half hour, or you’re sitting down at a nice cafe and she asks you to help make sure her little one doesn’t choke on his fruit as she has to go to the washroom for another half hour.

Downside: It’s stressful enough having to handle your own kids, but now you have to play babysitter to someone else’s children too while they are off doing something else??

Upside: At least it’s good practice for you to see what it’ll be like if you plan on having another baby and expanding your little family in the near future!

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