Parents share the worst (and weirdest) pregnancy myths they’ve ever heard

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Here are some of the strangest myths about pregnancy, as shared on ParentTown. Read on to find out more of these!

We’ve come a long way with maternity research and health, but there are still pregnancy myths many people believe to be 100% true.

From familiar superstitions to just plain out-of-this world advice, here are some of the strangest pregnancy myths some parents have heard.

It all started when Rose C., posted this on ParentTown—a Q&A platform and community for parents.

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

She shared that she was told not to eat crab so the baby won’t come out sideways. She was also told not to eat squid to stop the baby from getting “sucked back inside”.

Aside from dietary restrictions, Rose C. was also told not to do home renovations so the baby won’t have pock marks. She was also told she “cannot paste posters else baby come out eyes will take longer to open, do sewing else baby won’t cry/make noise or carry another child or else (her) own child would feel jealous.”

“Your placenta may detach from the amniotic sac if you eat squid head”

However, Stephanie G. heard the opposite: “Your placenta may detach from the amniotic sac if you eat squid head.”

While Idza B. heard advice that was a bit different; she was told that expectant mums should carry sharp objects such as nails to protect her and her baby from evil spirits. She was also told to stare at handsome or pretty people so her child would grow up attractive as well.

She also found it funny how people cautioned her against “harbouring extreme hatred for anyone because the baby will inherit something from that person. My mum always jokes about how she was always at odds with an ex-boss when she was preggers with me and that’s how I got my almond shaped eyes while my brothers have rounder eyes.”

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