6 parenting tips all fathers should know

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Fathers offer children an avenue for positive growth which is different from what mothers provide. Here are some parenting tips for fathers.

parenting tips for fathers

Kids need dad’s love just as much as mum’s.

The following events are a fictionalised account of a father’s interaction with his son over one week.

Much has been said and written about the role of mothers’ in the lives of children and the impact they have on shaping their personalities. However, there is increasing research findings on the critical role of fathers in the lives of their children.

We fathers can offer our children another avenue for positive growth. Here are six parenting tips for fathers.

Monday’s father: Be the role model

“Time to get up,” I say as I gently shake my son’s shoulder. It’s 6am on Monday and my son, Thomas slowly stirs awake.

“Is it Sunday?” Thomas asks in hope. “No it’s Monday morning and you’ve got to go to school,” I say.  “I don’t want to go…” he tries.

I agree, quietly thinking to myself “I really don’t want to go to work either…” But instead I say to him “Well, daddy’s responsibility is to go to work and yours is to go to school. Let’s do this together, ok?”

My son pushes himself up from bed and starts his day.

Tuesday’s father: Teach him to learn from his mistakes

“Why do I always end up bringing work home? Got to learn to do better!” In frustration I toss my stack of notes onto the table.

I see that my wife had just finished a lengthy tuition session with Thomas and he was looking, not too happily, at the exercises laid out before him. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “This math question is too difficult. I keep making mistakes.”

I say, “Hey, everyone makes mistakes. What we need to do is to learn from them so we don’t do them again. So can you tell me what you have learnt from your mistake?” He paused briefly and then shares his mistake with me. “Good. Let’s try and do better next time. Me included,” I say, picking up my stack of notes and tidying it up.

Wednesday’s father: Tell him that perseverance pays

I’m so tired and it’s only mid-week!  I slump onto the sofa when I get home.

Thomas is having his dinner that my wife has prepared. “Hey, how was your day in school today?” I ask him. He mumbles “OK” or something to that effect. I get up from the sofa and sit down next to him at the table. “Tired, huh?” I ask. “Yes” comes his reply.  “Yeah, me too.  Let’s take one step at a time and we’ll get there, ok?” I try to sound convincing. But I let him know that we need to carry for just that moment longer rather than giving up. If we stay with the problem, we will solve it.

He nods and continues eating. I give him a pat on the back and start to dine with him.

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