Mum, are you over sharing on Facebook?

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As parents we're obviously proud of our baby’s every achievement and success. But is posting every single detail on Facebook necessary? Are there dangers in over sharing on Facebook?

Mum, are you over sharing on Facebook?

Are you over sharing on Facebook?


Chronology of our posts

Almost everyone is posting intimate details of our lives on social media. It starts with drunken party pictures or back packing travels… then the posts graduate to glossy professionally taken picture-perfect wedding shots, followed by syrupy honeymoon snaps. Next comes the baby-picture craze phase…

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The fully baby “feed”

It starts off with the scan: “It’s a boy!” and you know what comes next—the photo of exhausted-looking mummy and daddy with the new bundle, his cute toes, the toothless smiles, adorable onesies…

Some parents go as far as to take photo of a baby’s first poo, as if to document the momentous first “movement”—bowel movement that is. Hey, social media is an avenue to share these lovely baby moments with family that lives across the seas, right? Well, maybe.

Read on for more signs of Facebook over-sharing..

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