You only need 1 piece of Pampers diaper for a dry, peaceful night’s sleep!

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The moment you decide to have a baby, your happiness is very much tied to your baby’s happiness level. I think it’s safe to say that there’s nothing us parents want more than to have a happy, healthy baby.

Sure, there are moments where we can’t do much to help them feel better (like when they’re ill or in pain), but oftentimes, making the right parental choices can make a world of difference between a happy, smiley baby – or a grouchy, fussy one.

pampers baby diapers

A happy baby is all you need to make your day seem bright!

Choosing the right diaper is one of those important choices. Some common problems mums face include:

  • Leaky diapers (which causes a mess and extra clean-up work)
  • Poor fit (angry red marks on baby’s thighs and waist)
  • Inferior quality (itchy, scratchy material on baby’s bottom and diaper rash)
  • Poor absorbency (requiring frequent changes throughout the day and night)

With my 4 babies, I think I’ve tried almost every diaper brand in the market and I had to deal with all the problems listed above. One time, my baby was fussing uncontrollably – I fed him, burped him, changed his diaper, checked the temperature, tried carrying, rocking, soothing – yet nothing worked. Finally, I rechecked his diaper and realised that the elastic band around his thigh was cutting into his skin, causing an angry red mark on his poor little baby thigh. We were so stressed out for that entire hour, trying unsuccessfully to soothe him and the whole time, it could have been easily solved by switching to a better diaper.

If you’re a new mum looking for the best diaper or a mum struggling with all these issues with your current diaper brand, here’s some good news. Pampers understands how frustrating these diaper problems can be and they have designed some of the best diapers that will keep your baby happy and comfy.

All about Pampers

pampers baby diapers

Since it was first launched in 1950, Pampers baby diapers remain a popular choice among parents all over the world.

Did you know that Pampers was the very first disposable diapers invented in 1950? Since then, Pampers has continued to innovate to deliver superior leakage protection. Today, it’s still one of the very best diapers you can use for your baby.

In March 2014, Pampers just launched their latest technology, offering 3 different taped product ranges: Swaddlers, Cruisers & Baby Dry.

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