A Pampered Stay at Mount Elizabeth Hospital Maternity Ward

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Find out how a tired mum gets her much-deserved rest and comfort at Mount Elizabeth Hospital maternity ward after delivery.



mount elizabeth maternity ward

You know that giving birth to a new life is a beautiful experience. Yet, after going into a long labour and experiencing the rush of excitement upon seeing your newborn, the next thing you would want to do is to hit the sack.

Imagine, then, being wheeled out to a room where people on the beds next to you are chatting on the phone or watching the television. Covering your ears with your blanket will not help very much.

Ms Vivien Low experienced just that when she gave birth to her first baby. That was why when she got pregnant with her second one, she was determined to choose a hospital where she would be able to have both privacy and a good rest.

Vivien recently delivered her second bundle of joy at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and she is glad that she made the right choice.

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