Let kids be kids and play!

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What do Singaporean mums think about the importance of outdoor play for their kids? Find out in this article.

outdoor play for kids

Outdoor play is really important for kids’ overall health and development.

When we were young, our idea of a good time playing involved being outdoors. Many of us probably can’t say the same for our kids, who, from quite a young age, get caught up with school work and various extra curricular activities.

However, we can’t deny the benefits of outdoor play for our little ones. It is a great way for them to get exercise in a fun way, burn excess energy and get heaps of fresh air.

In order to find out exactly what Singaporean mothers think about the importance of outdoor play for kids, theAsianparent recently conducted a survey among over 100 mums. You can view the full infographic with the survey results by clicking this link.

The survey also aimed to find out what mums consider to be the best activities for kids that contribute to their learning and development. The reasons why mums think twice about letting their kids play outside were also considered.

outdoor play for kids

Outdoor play for kids: Mums certainly think spending time outdoors is important for their kids’ learning and development.

So what do parents think about outdoor play for their kids?

With a whopping 96% of parents bringing their kids out to play at least once a week, they obviously think outdoor play is important for little ones.

Outdoor play takes top spot among activities parents think are important for their kids’ learning and development, with 82% of parents indicating this in the survey.

Here is what two Singaporean mums think about outdoor play for their kids:

Outdoor play is so important for children. They get a dose of vitamin D, fresh air and lots of exercise which is important for their development. — Belinda, 39, mother of an eight-year-old.

I want my kids to play outdoors more and more. It keeps them active and healthy and is also a great way for them to make new friends. — Lan, 31, mother of a six-year-old.

Going back to the survey results, 69% of parents believe that reading books is important; 51% think interacting with other kids contributes to learning and development; 31% consider games and apps as having educational appeal; and 29% feel that watching TV programmes can help their with their kids’ learning.

Dirt is good but can be hard to remove!

When kids play, it’s inevitable that they get dirty. As mums, it’s quite natural for us to be wary about dirt, primarily because it exposes kids to germs. However, research shows that a bit of dirt may actually be good for our kids.

Another reason mums stress about outdoor play for their kids is because dirt stains can be so hard to remove from clothes. Whether it’s mud stains on shorts from kicking a soccer ball around or marker stains from an afternoon of colouring, what this means is mums worry about the time, money and effort that is involved in trying to keep their kids’ clothes clean.

outdoor play for kids

Play often involves kids getting dirty and mums may stress about removing tough stains as a result of play from their kids’ clothes.

In fact, this concern was reflected in the survey, with 48% of mums finding marker stains the most difficult to remove from their kids’ clothes, 24% finding paint stains the hardest to get rid of, 20% saying they struggled with mud stains and 6% of mums battling food stains on their kids’ clothes.

Mums, what if we told you that you needn’t worry about your kids’ dirty clothes anymore?

It’s true! Breeze detergent is specially formulated to remove all those stubborn stains in a flash! Besides keeping white clothes whiter, you also get the added bonuses of colour protection, great fragrance and indoor drying with Breeze detergent for your family’s laundry.

To show Singaporean mums that kids can have fun outdoors without mums having to worry about getting rid of tough stains from clothes, Breeze held a soccer clinic in April this year that was attended by almost 2,000 families.

Find out what happened at this soccer clinic on the next page. 

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