“Our son loves being zipped around town in his Stokke Scoot”

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Stokke Scoot is a perfect balance of design, comfort and safety and made to grow with each stage of your child’s development.

After looking at countless strollers, almost all of which come with countless bells and whistles thrown in for good measure, I’ve grown a little impatient about walking into another baby product store or looking at anything else online with my wife.

If I do make it to a store, my first mission is to scout for the closest “ceremonial seat of contemplation” placed in strategic locations for the men, who at that moment would much rather literally be anywhere else.

Its not that I am a heel dragger but let’s face it fellow men, browsing in stores for strollers is not really our thing.

Four wheels without an engine or a soulful exhaust note just don’t cut it. So you can imagine my lack of eagerness when my wife called me to say, “hey, I’ll need you to check out a stroller at Motherswork.” Well I did go along, and in the end we finally got our hands on the Stokke Scoot stroller.

stokke scoot baby

Our child was safe and snug in the Stokke Scoot

A product that grows with your child

Stokke. I’ll let you decide how you would want to pronounce it. The Scandinavian brand’s ethos is to grow with your child – literally. The comprehensive range of products is well thought of to see children through quite a fair bit of time and beyond.

The brand features chairs with changeable seats for different stages of a child’s life (infancy-to toddlerhood to pre-school stage) as well as beds that keep expanding with your child. Their website, will show you the different configurations to suit your child’s age.

Scandinavian quality

Guided by the simplest of instructions, it takes under five minutes to assemble the Stokke Scoot straight out of the box.

While assembling the Scoot, I had the opportunity to really get a good look at the parts and feel the materials used in the making of the stroller. I am very impressed with the finishing and quality of the components.

I daresay the company takes serious pride and puts in a lot of consideration into the quality and longevity of their products.

The foam-filled tyres are plush and really cushion the bumps. The adjustable handle means that my wife, our helper and I, can all adjust the handle to a height that we are individually comfortable with.

stokke scoot review

The handles of the Stokke Scoot can be adjusted to suit the height of the person pushing the stroller

When fully expanded, nifty little indicators tell you that the stroller is locked in position so it won’t accidentally collapse on our little one. The buckle and all other plastic parts have no sharp edges that could scratch our son’s eyes or catch on his clothes. If these thoughtful design elements are anything to go by, you can understand how the brand has also come to be associated with safe yet aesthetically pleasing designs.

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