OSIM uDiva Classic: My first massage chair experience

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I tried out the OSIM uDiva Classic. How good is it you ask? Given the generous features, the great price point and the versatility of this compact but awesome massage chair, just one word sums it all... SHOIK!

After a long work day, I enjoy coming home to take a break from the rat race.

Recently, this downtime was made sweeter with the delivery of OSIM uDiva Classic massage chair. This is the latest addition to OSIM’s range of massage chairs and THE massage chair meant for a first time buyer.

Who does not love to be pampered?

As a parent, I have to double hat as an employee during the day and a father at night. In all honesty, it can be quite a drain on one’s body. My body is probably twisted with stress knots that needs to be unwound every now and then.

A stiff neck or an aching back is not unusual for this middle-aged man. Time is so precious for me, that even a visit to the Sinseh for a neck or back rub ends up being a luxury in spite of the fact that, given the state of my body, it is actually a necessity.

OSIM udiva massage chair

With OSIM uDiva Classic massage chair in the house, this luxury turned into a daily indulgence. My once a stressed out body is now rejuvenated as the ‘batteries’ recharge every evening. A good 15 minutes on the chair can turn any man to mush, making a session on the massage chair, a ‘must do’ before sleep activity for a good night rest.

Just how good is the OSIM uDiva Classic?

We give you 8 reasons to make you drool over the OSIM uDiva Classic.

HUAT ah!

1) A massage chair, a lounger or an armchair

If you think you are just buying a massage chair, think again. What you are actually getting is a 3-in-1 massage chair that will give you the triple benefits of sofa, massage chair and lounger — all into one nifty package.

OSIM udiva massage chair

The compact look of this massage chair cleverly disguises its extendable features.

You can read a book, sit and relax, watch a movie or even enjoy a quick massage on the same chair. This is the ultimate transformer chair in the market. 3 for the price of 1 sounds like an amazing deal to us.

2) Spa at home

Honestly, given our work schedules and children’s timetable, my wife and I hardly ever get any time to go for a spa treat with the exception of special occasions. However, this has changed with the coming of OSIM uDiva classic into our home. The OSIM uDiva classic instantly transforms the home into a mini spa.

OSIM udiva massage chair

The OSIM uDiva Classic Massage Chair is great for spa-like indulgence at home.

The spa-like massage you get from the Hybrid Power-Ball Massage Technology is as good as getting your knots kneaded at a retreat. It is mazing to have this little luxurious treat in the comfort of your own home.

Total relaxation at home is always welcome in my book. Time saved from going to a spa is spent with the family… Priceless.

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