"Birthgasm": Orgasm During Labour

Experts say that it is possible to have an orgasmic labour! Find out more about how this happens and how it feels like.

Orgasm during labour? REALLY? This might be hard to believe even to the most sceptical of us. However, experts say that the phenomenon of an orgasmic labour is indeed possible!

Most moms who deliver naturally experience pain during labour followed by elation after giving birth. However, some lucky moms say they experienced heightened pleasure WHILE giving birth. They can only compare this to an orgasm.

It was reported in an online survey, that 109 American midwives who assisted in 206,000 births reported orgasms in 0.3 percent of them.

However, feeling sexual pleasure during labour may seem inappropriate to many of us. Culturally, we may feel we’re not ready to accept this. Therefore we may not allow ourselves to feel any pleasure during labour just because we are not supposed to.

Birthgasm: Orgasm During Labour

Is it possible to have an orgasm during labour? | Image source: iStock

Orgasm during labour explained

A physical and neurological reaction to stimuli can result in an orgasm during labour in a report by the Mirror. When a woman is having sex and going through labour, the body creates a hormone called Oxytocin.

This means that hormone-wise the body is in a similar state during childbirth and having sex. Now, during childbirth, the baby is stimulating the same places one normally excites when having sex as well, as the baby passes through the same region.

Birthgasm: Orgasm During Labour

Image source: iStock


How do you achieve an orgasm during labour?

Even though this is new (and shocking) to many of us, the subject of orgasm during labour also know as ‘ecstatic birth’ has been circulating among the natural birth advocates. Books have been written on this subject as well.

One such person in the forefront of this revelation is Elizabeth Davis, author of “Orgasmic birth: your guide to a safe, satisfying and pleasurable birth experience.”

Davis says “Too many women experience birth as nothing more than a routine or painful event. While an orgasmic birth can induce feelings of intense, ecstatic pleasure, it is ultimately about taking control of one’s own body and making the best-informed decisions to have a safe, memorable, and joyful birthing.” (elizabethdavis.com)

Here are a few tips on how you may prepare to achieve orgasm during labour. Although, like a regular orgasm, there’s no ONE sure-fire way of achieving orgasm during labour.

  • Maintain a healthy loving relationship with your spouse throughout your pregnancy. This will help you get comfortable with your body.
  • Open your mind up to the possibility that experiencing pleasure during labour is possible and it’s OK to do so.
  • Be very comfortable with where you choose to give birth. Choose a place you feel safe and comfortable in.
  • Be very selective about who you have at your birth.
  • Prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for a natural birth.
Birthgasm: Orgasm During Labour

It is important to prepare your body for a natural birth. | Image source: iStock

Many women who have experienced orgasm during labour said it made them feel empowered; like it was their birthright.

Try and move away from the feelings of guilt and shame that could overcome you and get in the way of a truly ecstatic birthing experience. This may just make you one of the few lucky women to experience an orgasm during labour!

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