Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

Pregnancy orgasms are intense, super sexy, and safe if you have a normal pregnancy. Here's how to achieve the best orgasm during pregnancy...

Orgasm during pregnancy - the best ever!

Are you pregnant and feeling very horny? Yes you probably are and it's no surprise given the swirl of hormones and emotions in your body right now. 

But at the same time, you might be just a bit worried about having sex, especially climaxing, out of concern that it might 'hurt' your baby. 

Well you can brush those fears away!

Having sex during pregnancy "is good for your body, your body image, your heart rate, your relationship," says sex educator and best-selling author of the book Hot Mamas, Lou Paget. She explains, "The benefits of [sex] are the same as when you're not pregnant -- and then some."

And when it comes to orgasm during pregnancy, as long as you know that you have a normal pregnancy - you are not at risk for premature labour or have other complications - then by all means, go for the big O. 

Climaxing during pregnancy is great for a few reasons. 

  • Many women experience intense orgasms, even multiple times, during pregnancy. This is because in pregnancy, your pelvic and vaginal regions are engorged with blood (blood + O2 = orgasms), giving rise to extreme pleasure when you climax. 
  • You are extra horny anyway. Because of increased levels of hormones in your body such as progesterone and oestrogen, you crave more sex. Not to mention those gorgeously full breasts which are a major turn-on to your partner. The biggest reason though - you don't have to worry about birth control!
  • Orgasms relax you, and with the added anxieties that many pregnant mums may experience, this is indeed a good reason to climax. Loralei Thornburg, a U.S.-based specialist in Maternal Fetal Medicine explains, "Sex is relaxing, so it helps you get to sleep."

And now, to help you get down and dirty tonight (or tomorrow morning, or afternoon...), here are 4 sex positions that will help you climax, big time! 

1. Spoon me, baby!

Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

Here, you can either face each other and have your man enter you from the front (as he gazes into your beautiful eyes), or melt into your man so your bottom is nicely nestled into his pelvic area, giving him easy access to you (and your gorgeous breasts).

Front-facing spooning is easier when your belly is still small, and you can turn around when you belly grows larger. This position is super comfortable because weight is kept off your belly and your man is able to thrust deep, ensuring you climax. 

And after you both climax, stay in the same position, cuddle up, and fall asleep. Win-win!

2. Ride your man

Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

Ladies, this position gives you complete control to set the pace of your love-making. Your man has the added pleasure of seeing your gorgeous curves above him. And because you are in control, you can ride him exactly as you please so that you hit orgasm when you want to. 

3. Living on the edge...

Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

First, pile up some pillows to support your back. Then, lie on the edge of your bed and spread those sexy legs wide so your man can enter you. Remember to guide him according to the intensity of thrusting you can handle (this may depend on how pregnant you are) and you are sure to experience an amazing orgasm!

4. Sit up and listen, my love

Sex While Pregnant: 4 Positions To Hit The Big O While Pregnant

Get yourself a comfy chair. Now, sway those sexy hips and lead your man to the chair. Get him to sit down. Tie him up (joke!). Straddle him, ease yourself down on him and control those moves. End result? Fireworks! 

Have fun tonight, mums- and dads-to-be! 

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