5 Oral Sex Mistakes Most Husbands Make And How To Fix Them

5 Oral Sex Mistakes Most Husbands Make And How To Fix Them

Husbands, ready to up your game down there?

Doesn’t your husband just love it when you go down on him? It’s the skillful manipulation of your tongue and hands on and around his slick penis. The visual sexual pleasure he gets when he sees you looking so hot, culminating in a mind-blowing orgasm for him. But because women are rather complicated in general, going down on them can be tricky.

Some husbands might be concerned that they can’t give their partner the same pleasure they get during oral sex. That’s why we’re here to help by gently pointing out the biggest cunnilingus mistakes men make, and how to rectify these, with our oral sex tips for men. 

Husbands, this read is especially for you…

oral sex tips for men

Stop making mistakes down there with these oral sex tips for men!

How to Learn from Your Oral Sex Mistakes: Oral Sex Tips for Men

These are five oral sex mistakes most men make. Remember, practice makes perfect, gents!

Mistake 1: Diving In 

Many men just dive in between their woman’s legs with no thought to just how sensitive she is down there – and we’re not talking about the vagina or even the clitoris. No. There’s more to her than just that. 

Start with her toes. Move up her legs, kiss them gently. Remember that women are sensitive behind their knees – kiss and lick her there. Move up again, to her thighs. Cover the inside of her thighs with kisses while you keep moving up. Don’t aim for her clitoris yet – kiss around her lips down there and make her crazy with desire for you first. 

Mistake 2: Treating the Vagina like a Penis

You know that saying “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”? It’s true when it comes to oral sex too – their needs are very different! Most men think women (like them) also focus just on penetration. And so when it comes to oral sex, many men “thrust” with their tongues and fingers. Stop doing this already. 

Yes, it’s nice. But for a husband to get his wife really turned on and wanting him, the clitoris needs to be found.

The mystical clitoris is hidden by the clitoral hood above the entrance to the vagina entrance. To find it, use your fingers and tongue. You’ll even notice it swelling with pleasure. Stimulating this gently is how you start your oral sex journey to pleasure your wife like never before. 

Mistake 3: Not Interacting with Her

Don’t just blindly lick her down there, like a puppy. Watch her as you go down on her.

Does she look uncomfortable or in ecstasy? Is she trembling with delight or shuddering in horror? Learn to read her body language, but if it confuses you, just outright ask her if she feels good, or if she wants you to try something else.


oral sex tips for men

Oral sex tips for men: Try these tonight…

Mistake 4: Rough-Housing Her Most Sensitive Parts

Finding the clitoris is only half the battle won. And you should never resort to playing back porn scenes in your mind as your point of reference on what to do next. 

A common mistake many men make is to be overly rough when stimulating the clitoris. It might feel manly or give you the sense that the rougher you play, the more exciting the experience will be. This is so incorrect. 

Instead, focus on making your partner feel good. Oral sex is about pleasuring the receiving party, so take your time and ease into it.

Also, textures make a big difference to the overall experience, so consider trimming your beard or shaving it all off. Lube is a good option to keep the area lubricated. Always keep the tongue active, but consider dipping in and out of her vagina to build anticipation.

oral sex tips for men

Among our oral sex tips for men is to keep going on.

Mistake 5: Stopping Before She Orgasms

Men can reach orgasm very quickly through a combination of visual and sensory stimulation. However, women usually take much longer. 

Many men often start their oral sex journey with good intentions but stop when they think their lady must have climaxed, patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Go back down, immediately. 

If you’re doing a good job, she won’t want you to stop! The key to sexing your wife with your tongue is to end as you began – with passion and energy and the desire to make her feel amazing.

She’ll let you know when to move on. And if you’re really in tune with her body, you’ll know when she orgasms, indicated by quivering thighs clutching the sides of your head, soft (or loud) moans and groans, and extra wetness down there. 

Lessons well learned, gents? We hope so! 

Spice things up in the bedroom and benefit from a deeper relationship as a result! Mums, share these oral sex tips for men with your husband, and reap the rewards!


Source: Men’s Health

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