Open letter to all mums on Facebook groups: Please think before you post online!

A Singapore mum found out the hard way when a private post of hers went viral online. Here is an open letter to all mums on Facebook groups...

It’s all over the Internet. It has gone viral, been discussed and ripped apart. Yes, we are talking about the story of the sex crazed husband and the tired Singapore mum.

This mummy of 2 put up a post on one of the many ‘closed’ groups on Facebook, disgruntled with her sex crazed husband, who apparently wants sex every single night, with no regard for her health or well being.

The mummy clearly seems scared and worried, afraid more than anything else that her marriage would crumble if she didn’t give in to his demands.

She must have posted that story when she was at her weakest and most vulnerable. Perhaps she felt desperate and hopeless? Or maybe she was just clueless about whom to confide in, or felt like she was losing it, and badly needed to vent her frustrations somewhere that night. Maybe her ‘friends’ on the group would be able to help and advise?

It was a ‘closed’ women-only mummy group after all, so only group members would see, right? Just that the whole of Singapore did. One member of the group publicly shared the post on Twitter, someone else put it up on All Singapore Stuff, and many others have probably put it up somewhere else, or privately messaged it to umpteen friends online. (Please note, we have not uploaded the original Facebook post image to protect the privacy of this family.)

Dear mums, we just want to tell you that, no matter how ‘closed’ you think a group is, nothing is safe once online. It only takes seconds to post a phrase, a photo or a video, but once posted it is infinitely copy-able and shareable.

Never underestimate the power of the ‘screenshot’. It is super easy to take a snapshot of every post or picture you put up, using a smartphone. So please do think twice before you bare your soul online.

Social media thrives on voyeurism; and nothing sells quite like sex.

If you do feel lost, and just don’t know whom to approach, try communities where you can be anonymous, like say, ParentTown, a parenting community, which gives you the choice to ask questions or post problems anonymously. That way you don’t have to feel guilty about revealing your innermost fears.

Also as an aside, when on Facebook, always make sure that your profile is private. Double check that every post or picture that you put up can be viewed only by the intended audience. Never post personal information, like your address and phone number.

People usually put up pictures or posts when they really need those ‘likes’, when they want to feel loved, to be cared for, and to feel less lonely.

We are not sure what the repercussion of the online rant is going to be, for this Singapore mummy. How is her husband going to react? What about backlash from society, family and friends? We hope that things will be fine at her end.

As for the rest of us, maybe it’s time for some much needed soul-searching and introspection? Let’s be more considerate and look out for each other, rather than use the opportunity to victimise, scandalise and shame.

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