One mum’s take on a parent workshop on Maths heuristics

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Teaching maths to your child is never easy, especially when there is a heavy emphasis on problem solving. Attending a parent workshop on maths heuristics could help, as one mum found out.

If your child is already in primary school, you would have noticed that the way Maths is taught is different from yesteryears’. Gone are the days when drill-and-practice was advocated for success in the subject. Instead, the teaching and learning of Maths today focuses on imparting life skills, such as problem solving, to children to help them get ahead in life. 

With a problem-solving curriculum in place, heuristics makes an entry into the classroom. Simply put, heuristics are strategies to help us solve problems. Yet, heuristics can be a mind-boggling concept, both for your child and you.

This concern has not gone unnoticed. There are now parent workshops that you can attend to understand heuristics better.

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Parents can now attend Maths workshops on problem solving

One of our readers, Serene Seah, recently attended one such parent workshop, ‘Using Heuristics to Solve Maths Problems’ by Marshall Cavendish Education. Read her review of the workshop below:

For someone like me who is far from being a Maths whiz even in my school days, seeing my son, Xavier, who is in Primary One, struggling to solve Maths problems was something that made my head throb with worry. Like any parent, I sorely wanted to help my child but felt quite helpless many times.

Before I registered for the workshop, I was actually looking for a Maths guide book for myself. I wanted to learn and understand the method of solving Maths problems first, so that I could better explain the methods to Xavier. 

That was when I noticed that the Maths guide books from Marshall Cavendish Education include worked examples, which shows a systematic and structured breakdown of the Maths questions. This is an excellent way to help children learn to analyse the question first, before leading them to choose the correct approach to solve the problems. 

After all, as the saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime’. When I heard about a parent workshop on using heuristics to solve Maths problems,  I signed up for the workshop without any hesitation. It was an opportunity I knew I could not let pass.

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