OMG! You must never ever let your baby do this!

OMG! You must never ever let your baby do this!

One great step for baby, heart attack for us mummies! 


In the video, an 8-month-old baby manages to maneuver himself off the bed.



Thankfully, the cheeky little one didn't get hurt.



Like any other 8-month-old, he loves the freedom he gets when sprawling all over mummy's bed.



Using his right leg as a support, he climbed down the end of the bed like a pro...


snippet 5

The little one even managed to grab on tightly to the sheets so he could land feet first.


snippet 6

Yay! He made it safely! (thank God)

Co-sleeping safety tips

Fellow mummies, your little one may be strong enough to hang on to your sheets, but try not to leave your baby unattended whenever they're rolling around on the bed, and just to be safe, place a mat on the floor just like in the video.

To make sure your little one doesn't crawl away from the center of the bed, it's best to surround him with baby bolsters and pillows - these might prevent him from crawling his way towards the end of the bed.

Watch the video below to see how he does it:

What do you think about this video of a baby getting off the bed? Did you think our Co-sleeping safety tips were helpful? Please share in the comment box below.


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Brenda Loo

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