Obese Child Weighs Over 40 Kilos

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Obesity is a big problem among our kids today. With all the fast food chains popping up at every corner, it's not a surprise that we see many kids weighing way beyond the normal range. Telegraph reports about Pang Ya who is just 2 years old but already weighs 41.5 kg.

Obesity in children

Obesity in children

Obesity is a big problem among our kids today. With fast food chains popping up at every corner of the streets, it’s not much of a surprise to see many kids weighing way beyond the normal range. Some experts claim that risk for obesity starts in the womb, while others say that a family’s eating habits is the primary factor. Every case is different. For some children, it can be an indulging parent while for others it can be a different factor. But no matter what it is, we have to admit that the number of obese children keeps on getting higher.

Telegraph reports the case of 2-year old Pang Ya, who already weighs 41.5 kg – that’s just a few kilos less than an average adult woman. Her parents revealed that when their child was born, she weighed in a normal 4kg, but gained weight rapidly since then. Her folks from Taocun town in Shanxi Province in China are seeking help for their obese daughter.

I can’t say for sure how the child got quite so big. However, I know many obese children who started out as cute, plump little kids who were left to eat whatever they wanted, as much as they wanted. Many parents think that discipline in eating should only be implemented at an older age. Well, it doesn’t take much to figure out that such an idea is most probably wrong.

It is quite common for people to act only when things against their wishes start happening. So I say, while kids are still small, start teaching them how live and eat healthy. This does not mean strict diet regimens. The point here is that they should learn how to make healthy choices beginning as young as possible, so that they can continue to do so in the future.

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