Understanding your nutritional needs during pregnancy

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Pregnant mums, your bodies are working overtime to nurture that precious little life growing inside of you. You need to be able to support your own body and the growing baby’s development through proper nutrition. Read on to find out more.

The moment that you first find out that you are pregnant, is a life changing one.

A pregnant mum needs to make sure that the growing baby is getting the right nutritional support needed for his development. She also needs to ensure that her own body is strong and healthy enough to support the baby’s growth.

However, a lot of pregnant mums can, at times, be unaware of their own nutritional needs.

We spoke with Dr Lee Keen Whye, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Gleneagles Medical Centre and founder of Singapore O&G Ltd., to better understand some of the specific nutrition-related issues that pregnant mums should be aware of.

According to Dr Lee, not all pregnant mums take good care of their nutritional needs — this is not because for lack of wanting to do the right thing, but rather a lack of information and understanding.

One example he gives is that of pregnant mums practising unsupervised self-medication of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Dr Lee says that while most pregnant mums question the doctor several times about the side effects of common cold and fever medication, they hardly ever ask about the side effects of TCM concoction that they consume. “In some cases, the unsupervised concoctions may do more harm than good to the baby and the mother.”

Get the Right Start to Motherhood

Watch the video below to learn more about the clarifications and advice offered by Dr Lee with regard to a pregnant mum’s nutritional needs.