How to win at weaning: why these mums love CERELAC® + their creative recipes!

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Ease you and your baby into solids with these easy recipes!

Nestlé CERELAC® has been a staple in mothers’ cupboards since the 1800s. It’s been a remarkable 150 years since it was first launched, and generations of mums and babies continue to love and trust the number one infant cereal brand in Singapore.

Feeding your baby their first solids seems like a daunting task, but it’s a milestone in your baby’s growth and development that you and your child can look forward to celebrating together. Nestlé CERELAC® has been part of this milestone, creating products that make your baby’s steps towards weaning easier and worry-free.

Back then, CERELAC® started out as Farine Lactée, and was the first product ever to be produced by Nestlé founder, Henri Nestlé. Throughout the years, the product has been continuously improved thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology:

Nowadays, CERELAC® is synonymous to being one of the first options to consider when it comes to your baby’s first solid food, and a companion when they’re well beyond the weaning stage. It’s a mainstay in a child’s diet, primarily because mothers don’t want to take away the amazing benefits that their children get from CERELAC®.

It’s the first and only infant cereal with Bifidus BL Probiotics, which helps to fight against harmful bacteria, thereby maintaining a healthy digestive system. It’s fortified with Iron, and contains 17 other essential vitamins and minerals, CERELAC® has CHE or Cereal Hydrolysed Enzymatically technology, which breaks down the carbohydrate in the cereal into smaller pieces.

It also has DHA, which aids in building your child’s brain and eye development. And all ingredients used in every pack of CERELAC® are made with baby-grade ingredients, meaning each product you get is naturally prepared, and goes through 100 safety and quality checks to make it suitable for babies.

Your child gets the best of both worlds with CERELAC®—made with natural ingredients and enhanced by science, in order to ensure tailored nutrition to support their growth and development.

Even with all its benefits and breakthroughs, CERELAC® has remained quick and oh-so-simple to use. Mums love the ease that comes with whipping up delicious and nutritious food for their babies in minutes, and their babies in turn love having CERELAC® complement their daily meals, too.

Real mums, real love, real nutrition

Mum Blogger Esther Rachel at, now a mom of two, loves the convenience of being able to prepare a meal in a few minutes. She confesses that she just found out the proper way to make CERELAC® quite recently, saying, “I didn’t know this before and still make the same mistake, but you should always add the cereal powder gradually to the required amount of water and not the other way round like what I did above to avoid clumps! Cereal powder to water! I must remember that.”

Mum Blogger Cindy of is a fan because of CERELAC®‘s benefits particularly since she’s concerned about her baby turning out to have low iron levels, just like her.

She shares, “Along with hemoglobin, iron is important in our bodies as it helps transport oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our body.” Iron not only contributes to the normal cognitive development, it is also necessary for a normal immune system.

Cindy adds, “However, some mums may have low iron levels, like me, or are anaemic, and this affects mum’s health and her breast milk too. As I had low iron levels during both pregnancies, I definitely do not wish for my children’s health and development to be affected, and the best way is to ensure they obtain iron through food.”

Cindy mixed avocado with her child’s CERELAC® for 3 days, to check if her baby Leeroy would develop any allergies to the food. Since he didn’t show any signs of allergies, she continued on with the feeding and shared her recipe:

  1. Prepare CERELAC® according to instructions on packaging. It’s really simple: we added 2 teaspoons of cereal into room temperature water to dissolve the cereal. Then mix with breast milk and stir. Adjust the amount of water and/or breast milk according to your preferred consistency.
  2. Choose a ripe avocado, slice it and use a clean spoon to scoop. We put about 1 teaspoon of avocado. You may mash it completely, and there’s no need to steam, boil, or cook the avocado.
  3. Mix both together and feed baby!


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