From dropping a spoon to playing peek-a-boo: Why these things are important for your child’s 360° Development

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Find out how to nurture your little one's 360° development.

If your child is now above six months old, you have already probably noticed that he is very curious about what’s going on in his small world.

He squeals in delight repeatedly when you play peek-a-boo with him, and every time he drops his spoon and you hand it back to him, he drops it again!

While your child’s adorable antics may not seem that significant in the scheme of things, providing him with plenty of stimulation along with proper nutrition to continue doing what he does is an important part of 360° Development.

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Create plenty of opportunities to stimulate your child’s 360° development.

What is 360° development and how is it achieved?

360° Development refers to your child’s growth that is demonstrated in 4 key developmental areas: Cognitive, Motor, Emotional and Communication.

Appropriate nutrition, environmental influence and sensory stimulation play an important role in your child’s developing brain and overall growth development.

While your little one’s brain isn’t adding new cells at the same rate it did after birth, it continues to add new axons and dendrites, the branches that allow signals to pass from neuron to neuron and facilitate communication between different regions of the brain.¹

As the neurons go through a process called myelination, these signals travel faster and faster, laying the groundwork for increasingly complex cognition function.

Physical growth is also rapid at this age. Your child acquires many new motor abilities during this developmental period.

You may not believe it, but all this is connected to your little one’s love of dropping spoons, playing peek-a-boo and more!

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