Dear Singapore, nursing rooms are NOT meant for SEX!

Dear Singapore, nursing rooms are NOT meant for SEX!

To the couple who had a 'good time' at a nursing room in Singapore recently, nursing rooms are NOT meant for sex! Singapore mums react...

So we recently came across this piece of 'news' on Stomp, which was sent in by a reader, Ms. Chong. Ms. Chong, it seems, got the shock of her life on March 28, at around 10:50 pm, at a nursing room in Mandarin Gallery.

What happened

She heard heavy breathing and noises coming from a room, and realised that a couple had just used it for sex! She even sent in a video of her 'experience' as proof! We'll spare you the video here, but at the end of it, the couple can be seen leaving the place. And no, there was no baby with them.

Ms.Chong has written, "Looking at how they are dressed quite decently, I believe they could have easily gotten a room in Mandarin Hotel and not moan so loud in public at night in the nursing room."

Well, the basic purpose of a nursing room is to facilitate breastfeeding in private. It is a place a mum can rely on, for safety and hygiene, when it comes to feeding her child; a place where she does not have to be conscious, or worried about prying eyes. We feel that such acts spoil the 'sanctity' of the place. We also hope this case doesn't 'set a precedent', and give more people wrong ideas.

Just because there is 'free space', don't just do anyhow anywhere, lah!

Meanwhile, we spoke to a few Singapore mums and they were rather vocal about the whole issue. Check it out!


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(Source: Stomp)


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