13 non-toy gift ideas for kids for the holidays

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The holiday season is here. Are you stumped for ideas on what to gift the little ones? Sick and tired of collecting more toys in the home? This list will help with that!

Christmas is coming, and parents have to adopt the role of Santa for their kids, sneaking around in the depths of the night to drop off presents.

While the norm is for kids to have new toys, this year, why not try something different with our list of non-toys gift ideas?

1. Activity Passes


“I see Nemo”

Collect memories, not toys. As objects fade away and are tossed out, memories will remain with them for life. Bring them out to play at the myriad of activity spots that Singapore offers, such as the River Safari or the Universal Studios.

2. Personal Artwork Display


That blank piece of canvas will soon be turned into a masterpiece.

Kids will draw all year round – for their classes in school or at home to occupy themselves. Choose one or two quality pieces and frame them. After they open up their gifts, hang the pictures up around the house. Can’t choose just one or two? You can use take pictures of the drawings and create your own collages to maximise the amount of images you can show off to your relatives as they come over for the holidays.

3. An Edible Surprise


Gift them a (usually) forbidden food!

Parents usually draw the line when it comes to giving kids certain foods. We do not want kids spoiling their appetites just before a meal or submit ourselves to a kid’s sugar rush. This holiday season, ease off that restriction and wrap up a yummy treat that you know your kid loves but do not get the chance to eat that often. It can be the Bonheur Patisserie Macarons or Lays brand Potato Chips from the NTUC next door, your kid will be delighted at finding the usually forbidden treat.

4. Mummy/ Daddy Dates


Grab some 1 to 1 time!

Give your kid a token representing a date with one of you. It can be goggles for a date at the swimming pool or a flower for a trip to the Gardens By The Bay. A single date will be treasured by your kid where he or she will get some quality alone time with you.

5. Books


Do not gift them an Encyclopedia to start off with!

Your kid will probably be curious about the world outside. Sadly, a trip to the moon or back in time to see the dinosaurs is not possible. So you can do the next best thing and gift your kid a book about the topic of interest! You can use this opportunity to spend some time and read the book together, or discuss about the topic once both of you have read the book.

Read on to find out what other gifts you can get for your child!

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