We had no TV in 2016 and this is how it changed our lives !

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In the beginning of 2016, we decided to throw one major thing out of our lives—the television.

In the beginning of 2016, we decided to throw one major thing out of our lives—the television. After our yearly cable membership expired in January 2016, we decided not to renew it and see if we could live a life without TV and the way it would affect our lives.

In the beginning, of course, there were the usual withdrawal symptoms of not knowing what to do and we would often look for the remote to satiate our boredom.

We had a tough time coming to terms with the fact that there was no noise in the background when we were having our meals and also curbing those mid-night cravings to watch a late night movie. Moreover, we had a cranky four-year-old who would often find solace in her favourite cartoon show after a scolding session.

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The good, the bad, the ugly

Life without TV was tough and boy we had a hard time coming to terms with one that had no television, no movies, no cartoons and no daily soaps (yes, we missed them!) in it. But then it suddenly dawned upon us how TV was affecting our family and our relationships at large as a spouse, a parent and a child.

We had become so dependent on the idiot box to kill our boredom that we would often have meals while watching our favourite show, even during weekends. More than that, as a parent we had gotten so used to switching on the television set for our daughter whenever she would complain of being bored or have her bouts of crying, which were mostly to seek our attention.

The TV had become our one stop solution for all our parenting problems like many other families. So when our daughter was not eating we would switch on some music videos and playfully stuff things in her mouth the moment she opened it to sing along.

When she was a little cranky and would throw things all over the place, we would cleverly put on her favourite cartoon show to distract her attention. In general, we would use the television to solve all our problems and to pacify our hyperactive five-year-old.

But when we did not have it, we realised that we could no longer turn to our TV set to solve our problems and we had to face them head on. We had to find proper solutions for all of them and ones that were equally entertaining as well as satisfying.

We had never imagined these changes

What happened in the coming months changed our lives in more than one ways. Here’s what happened:

1.We started talking to each other: Yes, you read that right. Well, we used to talk earlier as well but that would be a half-hearted conversation as our minds were preoccupied with something else. We now started giving full attention to what we said to each other and our little one too started joining them as she had no other distractions in front of her and she also wanted to make a point every now and then.

As a couple too we started sitting out late quite often, but not watching a movie on TV, but having coffee as we chatted about things that happened that day.

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