Nicholas Tse is Planning to Move His Family to China

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Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse revealed that he is going to move his family to China in the future so his son can get good education.

During an interview at the set of his upcoming movie "The Informers", Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse revealed that he is planning to move his family to China in the future so his son Lucas can get good education.

He was very impressed by how well actress Chingmy Yau's daughters are able to speak English and Mandarin. He wants his child to also be fluent in these two languages so they can succeed in the future. He also wants to let his son get into more contact with Chinese culture. In a media interview he shared, "I'm preparing to move to Mainland China, right now I'm looking into a suitable school for Lucas. Actually a lot of famous people in Hong Kong have kids who study in Mainland China, but no matter what nationality you are, if you don't understand Mandarin you are finished. A lot of foreigners can speak fluent Mandarin, but amongst the people I know, there's still a lot who don't know how to speak it. In these past few years I've take on a lot of Mainland China jobs, it's more or less because my Mandarin is okay. I hope that Lucas not only knows how to speak Mandarin but also learn about Chinese culture, and study in Mainland China."

In the interview, Nicholas Tse also thwarted all thoughts of his wife Cecilia making a comeback. He said, "bringing up children is a mother's biggest job, this is also something she wants to do. She really enjoys her life right now, as her husband, no matter what she does I will support her. Perhaps some people will think we are sacrificing too much for the sake of our son, but I think giving up a career for our son is the right thing to do."

What do you guys think? Is Nicholas and Cecilia giving up way too much for their son? Is it a wise to uproot his family and move to China just so his son can learn Mandarin?

Photo from: Channel News Asia

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