10 New Year resolutions that parents should make

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Another year has come and gone, time for another round of resolutions! Check this out for parenting new year resolution ideas that might interest you.

New Year resolution ideas

’tis the season to start planning your New Year resolutions. Why not grab a couple or more off of this list?

As a parent, it’s very important to look back on the year that’s passed and to take note of the things you wished you could’ve done differently – especially with regards to your kids.

Wish you could’ve listened more instead of shouting at your child right away? Wish you could’ve played with them more instead of locking yourself up in the office?

For the year that’s gone by, what’s done is done. But thank goodness you have another year to make things right.

Here are some New Year resolution ideas you may want to take into consideration:

Resolve to empathise with your child more

New Year resolution ideas

First crawl? To your little one, the world is full of firsts…

As your child gets older, he will discover several new tasks that he must learn to master. Whether it be something as seemingly simple as tying his shoe or answering his math homework, the world is full of “firsts” that your child must so bravely conquer.

Keeping that in mind though, conquering all the tasks will not be easy. There will be days wherein he will struggle so hard trying to get things done that he may end up feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

While all of this is going on, you may be feeling frustrated too. On one hand, you want your child to learn on his own, but it’s taking every ounce of your strength to not jump in to help him out.

You feel yourself getting frustrated at your child’s inability to accomplish a task that you either sit back exasperated from watching, or you jump in and “help” while admonishing him.

By resolving to empathise with your child more, you must remember to put yourself in his shoes. How would you feel if you were just learning to tie your shoes but couldn’t get it no matter how hard you tried? Would a parent breathing down your neck help?

Or would you rather have a parent who was patient and who’d encourage you until you get the task done? Be the parent that the 5-year-old you would want, it’s most likely the same thing that your child would want from you.

Resolve to shout less, and to talk more

New Year resolution ideas

Cut down on the yelling – and do more talking with your kids.

As a parent, it is important to remember that we model acceptable behavior for our children. Therefore, if they see us shouting time and time again, they may come to consider it as a norm.

To avoid this, it is recommended that we avoid shouting whenever possible and get closer to our child so we can properly communicate with him.

If your child is not behaving that way that you’d like him to, if he’s up to no good, don’t shout at him from across the room. Walk up to him, get down to his level, and while maintaining eye contact, talk to him about his behavior and give suggestions as to how he can improve it.

Resolve to catch your kids being good 

New Year resolution ideas

Make it a point to praise your kids if you see them getting along nicely.

As a mum, I find myself always on the look out to see if my kids are up to no good. Now that I look back at the year, I wonder how many incidents of good behavior I overlooked just because I was so busy waiting for my kids to mess up?

This time around, I’d like for all parents to resolve that we look at the good things that our children are doing and to immediately praise them for it. If you see your children playing peacefully together, say, “Wow! I love how nicely you’re all playing together. Good job!”

Your child will revel in the positive attention and will most likely repeat the good behavior, thus giving you a well- behaved child and you a more positive attitude when dealing with him.

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