8 New year resolutions for new dads

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What are some of the pledges you should be taking in the new year, as a new dad?

Congratulations dad-to-be! A little bird tells us that you’re going to welcome a brand new addition to your family next year and we know that you must be super excited.

Becoming a father is a journey. It’s a journey of joy, excitement, love, trepidation and sometimes fear. And as you step out on this amazing path of fatherhood, do consider these resolutions in the new year and beyond.

new year resolutions for new dads

Take every chance to show your partner just how much you love her

1. Make the love of your life and mother of your child feel special

Becoming a mother is whirlwind of emotions, so don’t be surprised if your partner has extreme highs and lows of emotion at times.

Make a promise to be there for her through these times — especially the lows. She is bound to feel unattractive at some point.

Ease her fears, and this won’t be so hard to do. Because, you would never have seen beauty like your wife’s when her face glows with love as she sees your child for the first time.

new year resolutions for new dads

Get involved in baby duties!

2. Be present, be involved

You may feel that baby is all mummy’s and mummy’s alone. But make the effort to spend alone-time with baby and be involved in his life from those early days. Give your little one a bath, change his diapers, dress him and rock him to sleep.

What this will do is establish an extra-special bond between you and your little one, and give mum some much needed down time.

3. Scale back on your hobbies

Love to watch movies in your spare time? Play tennis? Whatever your hobbies are, be prepared to dedicate more time to a brand new passion — fatherhood and your new baby.

Your hobbies can wait, but your baby won’t. You’ll simply be channeling your energy and time into a new and totally rewarding new venture called parenthood!

new year resolutions for new dads

There’s nothing like reading!

4. Read books to your little one

In this electronic age, it’s so easy to forget the absolute pleasure of reading a (real) book to your child. Even though your baby may still be a newborn, she will still be soothed by the sound of your voice, and for you, it’s the start of a beautiful father-child ritual.

Also, research has shown that daddies reading books to their children is actually better for their kids. So get reading in the new year — and keep reading too!

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