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Residents in the North East region will now be able to enjoy a convenient access to learning resources with the opening of the new Serangoon Public Library (SRPL).


A new public library opened!

Located at the retail mall, nex, and the heart of a major transportation hub, the library aims to serve the informational and learning needs of the community by offering a wide selection of resources that include digital learning as well as quick and easy reads such as comics, graphic novels, and magazines.

Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance and Transport, and MP of Aljunied GRC officially opened this branch last Friday.

She remembers taking her 3 (now grown-up) kids to the library as part of their learning journey, and advices Asian parents to visit the library as it “is a wonderful place where you can find a lot of resources, and I’ll dare say resources beyond the means of any single family or household, but maybe a lot of parents are not aware of it. I would really encourage parents, from the time the kids are as young as babies, to come and take a look and see how they can plan the kids’ learning journey.”

With regards to reading to young children, Mrs Lim said that the way the library has done is very interesting.  It is “not purely just reading, which is very monotonous for young children, whose attention span is not very long,” she explains. “They have weaved in historical themes with fun things to do, so there are more points of association for the kids to ensure the learning is more fun and varied.”

Highlights of Serangoon Public Library

In addition to being a great learning space, SPRL is the first public library in Singapore to dedicate an area for gaming which will feature interactive game stations for experiential learning opportunities.

Complementing traditional book-based learning, gaming allows users a more interactive and experiential approach to learning.  The Digital Media Zone includes:

  • 6 multimedia stations
  • Gaming area with 4 game stations
  • AV collections
  • Digital book display
  • Exhibition space

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