New Oral Sex Moves All Couples Should Try Tonight!

New Oral Sex Moves All Couples Should Try Tonight!

Looking to spice things up in the bedroom? Try these steamy oral sex moves for more big Os!

Dads, there are a myriad of ways to please your wife in the bedroom, but perhaps one of the most special and intimate is giving her oral sex. With this type of intercourse, you are showing your wife that her satisfaction is your top priority. When it comes to trying new oral sex moves, even greater focus is key! 

6 New oral sex moves that can turn up the heat in the bedroom

Over time, hubbies can get a sense of what their wives like when it comes to new oral sex moves. What amount of pressure is just right? Does she prefer circular or vertical strokes? Perhaps delaying actual contact is what gets her engines going. 

Whatever your speed is as a couple, once you have mastered pleasuring your wife with your mouth, then you can crank it up a few notches by experimenting with new oral sex moves for heightened pleasure.

New Oral Sex Moves All Couples Should Try Tonight!

Orgams and oral sex can provide health benefits, research has found. | Image source: file photo

Oral sex can be more than just a way to improve intimacy. According to Medical Daily, oral sex can boost a woman’s mood and quality of health.

Here are a few tricks to try!

1. Stimulate her everywhere… not just ‘down there’

Oral sex doesn’t always have to mean going straight between her legs. Take your time and let her savour the foreplay!

“Kisses, breast and nipple stimulation, nibbles down the inner thigh are all part of dining out,” sexologist and author Shanna Katz, M.Ed. tells Men’s Health. “Wait until your partner is hot and heavy, begging for you to go between her legs, rather than going in too quickly and killing the mood.”

2. Make use of your environment

Are you all alone in the house? Why not try doing oral sex on a sturdy table? You can even make use of your washing machine! This is one of the easiest new oral sex moves you can try. 

All it takes is to be a little adventurous and to think outside the four walls of your bedroom. What’s more, having a full view of you between her legs can amp up the pleasure!

new oral sex moves

New oral sex moves: Have your wife sit on a clean counter top as you prepare to go down on her! | Image source: Shutterstock

3. Make use of ‘sexy suction’

It’s not just about stroking with your tongue, suction can also be sexy! Alternate between licking in certain patterns by sucking with your lips on her “lips.”

According to sexologist Shanna Katz, “it gives your jaw and tongue a break, and can help draw more blood to the area, helping everything to get even more engorged.”

“Open your mouth as wide as you can and press it against her vulva,” advises sex expert Dr. Jess in Maxim. “Suck away as you roll your tongue around the edges of your lips to create your own suction cup.”


4. Start face-to-face and work your way down

Don’t be pressured to reach the big O simply by going oral. Savour the experience both as an opening act, or even as a main event. 

One position you can try is kissing while facing each other, then, using your mouth, work your way down, paying enough attention to her sensitive spots. Don’t rush! It’s all about the slow anticipation and the building of arousal.

5. Provide some steamy entertainment 

Though watching porn can be counterproductive for some, others prefer it to get even more aroused.

If you are the latter, then pop in some steamy videos to get you going. Even listening to the audio while getting intimate can be enough stimulation for some couples!

6. Switch positions midway through oral sex!

Can’t find that sweet spot? Don’t be afraid to switch things up while you’re doing it.

Here are some new oral sex positions to try tonight!

  • Have your wife lie down on her stomach or on all fours and give her oral sex from behind. 
  • Have her dangle her legs off the side of your bed while you kneel in front of her.
  • You can also try asking her to hold on to her ankles as she lies back on the bed.
  • Lie down and have her kneel on top of you with her legs spread apart. This way, she can control the pressure and pace better, too!


Sources: Men’s Health, Medical Daily, Maxim

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