A new mum’s supportive friend: From pregnancy to delivery

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The dedication and support of your maternity hospital can make your pregnancy experience an exceptional one…

A mother’s newfound joy begins when a new life starts; when she hears the tiny heartbeat for the first time, and a sudden kick reminds her that someone is growing inside her.

Every pregnancy journey is different, but in many ways, pregnant mums hope for the same things such as health and safety of their unborn child, along with support during her new chapter.

A partner’s support and involvement in the pregnancy journey gives pregnant mums the confidence and assurance that both are together riding the new milestone.

From the choice of food a pregnant mum eats, the selection of a maternity hospital to caring for a new baby, more often than not, it takes two.

One month old Bethany. Image Credit: Mdm Tan Kee

Bethany, who was born at Thomson Medical Centre, at one month old. Image Credit: Mdm Tan Kee Tze

Preparing the parents-to-be

New parents are mostly a bundle of nerves with a myriad of questions that fill their minds.

“What should we do during labour?”

“How do we bathe a fragile newborn?”

“Who can I look for if I encounter breastfeeding problems?”

How can new parents be better prepared for their baby’s arrival? Find out where new parents can get support and tips.

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