New mum loses over 100 Lbs. Weight loss courtesy a cheating-berating husband!

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When Betsy Ayala discovered that her husband was cheating on her and calling her names behind her back, she decided she had to get a hold on her life.

Post giving birth to her daughter in 2013, Betsy Ayala had reached 260 Lbs. Since the Texas-based mom had struggled with her weight her whole life, she wasn’t too concerned about her physical appearance.

But then something happened which motivated Betsy to struggle her way out of postpartum depression and anxiety and undergo an unbelievable transformation. She discovered that her husband, whom she had been dating since she was 17, was cheating on her. Betsy even found messages sent by him to his lover that attacked her weight.

According to sources, that was the moment when she decided that she couldn’t continue the way she was. “That drove me to make a permanent change in my life,” Betsy said.

She wanted to move on with her life in a healthy way; not just to feel better about herself, but to be a good example for her little girl. It was in early 2014 that Betsy started making positive changes in her lifestyle. Despite never having been into physical exercise, she started working out and alongside worked on her diet.

As per sources, Betsy has managed an amazing weight loss and is now down by 103 Lbs. “At the beginning it was hard, but it’s honestly not as hard as you think it is,” says Betsy on managing this balancing act between being a mum and making (and sticking to) massive lifestyle changes.

Inspiring, isn’t it? Continue reading for some tips for new mums on losing weight the realistic way!

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