“Trying to deliver a 4kg baby naturally!” A petite mum’s birth story

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Mummy Sarah shares her failed attempt to give natural birth to a 4 kg baby boy.

My doctor told me my son is on the larger size for my petite frame and expected him to be around 3.3kg at maximum. To avoid him getting bigger, we agreed to induce him on the 7th of October. I got myself admitted and went through the admission process as well as clearing my bowels. Wow! It was the quickest and smoothest toilet visit I had in my entire pregnancy!

Just before being induced, one of the nurses came into my room and said Wow! This is going to be a 4kg baby! I was stunned! I looked at my hubby and asked him “Am I making a mistake here to go for natural birth?” My hubby was equally stunned. Before I knew it, I was induced. So I decided to go ahead with the natural birth without epidural. The pain came in at 8pm. For the 1st 3 hours it was fine but after that it was like all hell broke loose. They wheeled me to the delivery suite and they gave me the laughing gas. Honestly it didn’t help me but made me more exhausted and drowsy.

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The nurse and my doctor came in after 6 hours later and told me I was only 4cm dilated and it would take a while more. My poor hubby was so helpless watching the pain I was going through. I could not even say more to him except telling him that the pain is torturing me. For some reason, at that point I didn’t think of getting an epidural and it is not because I wanted to stay strong. I know I’m not.

The pain was so unbelievable. It’s like a prank that went terribly wrong!

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